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OK, so maybe it doesn’t need to be cosmic, but I really need to come up with some sort of conflict and I need to do it soon… I don’t mean the day-to-day conflict… like “Do I eat the last doughnut? If I do, that’ll be a dozen in one day and that’s not cool… but if I don’t, it might get stale….” Or work conflict, “Why should I do what my boss tells me to do? When was the last time he did what I told him to do??”

No, I’m talking the kind of conflict that can drive a wedge between an otherwise gloriously happy lesbian couple. The notorious playboi and successful businesswoman finally get it together. Life is cruising along nicely. The sex is fantastic (of course…), their time together cherished. But something has to happen… something has to drive them apart so they can get back together. Y’all know the drill.

Have I crafted too happy of a couple? No… they’re a good couple, but they have their differences. The trick here is to create a realistic enough rift between them that won’t make either party look like a complete douchebag. Therein lies the rub.

You, as readers, have to want them to get back together. You can’t side with one and think, “She’s an asshole. Let her go.” That just won’t do. So how to craft a conflict that’s believable, that can’t be resolved with a simple exchange of words, and that doesn’t make you hate a character… this is today’s goal.

There’s the dreaded infidelity, but seriously, who roots for them to get back together after that?

One of them is pregnant. It seems like this should be a catalyst for conflict. She was pregnant before they met and as the pregnancy progresses, maybe the playboi gets cold feet? Or maybe freaks out over some of the changes in her partner’s body? But are these reactions things that would make you hate her? Or could you see her point? I know a lot of it is in how it’s written.

Or maybe something happens that makes the pregnant one miss her dead partner, whom she was originally going to have the baby with. And she feels guilty about moving on so soon?

Or… or… or…

So, while I’ve spent the rest of my life as a true middle child and avoided conflict at all cost, today I’m in search of.

As usual, comments, suggestions, or the like welcome :c)


Posted by on August 14, 2011 in Writing