999 Words Left to Type

999 Words left to type

999 Words

I type a few down

And then sit around

999 words left to type.

That’s right, folks. I’m down to less than 1000 words left before I can write “The End” on this particular book. It’s working title is “Escapades” and I wrote most of it in the Fall, then took a break from it and have been finishing it up over the last month or so. It’s a fun book and I’ve really enjoyed writing it. For those of you who’ve read my other books, I’ll put this one in perspective by saying, it makes Forbidden Passions look chaste… :c)

So, how is it that I can write a book in a couple of months and then be stuck on the final few words for a month? I’m tres frustrated, to be honest with you. I just want to write a bang up, fireworks igniting, tender-yet-passionate love scene to end the book with. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so. Or at least my brain thinks it is. Or maybe I just think if I take my time writing it, the reader will think the characters are taking their time doing it? Hmmm… sounds like something I could rationalize…

Outside of the fact that I’m ending the book on a love scene, which we all know I have a hard time writing, I do believe there might be one other underlying factor in all of this… Radclyffe… :c)

Two weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of attending Saints and Sinners in New Orleans. It was an amazing experience. We got there late Thursday night and spent Friday playing tourists through the French Quarter. I was in Heaven!!! We went to Jackson Square (my favorite place on Earth, well close anyway… Top 3 for sure) and went into the St. Louis Cathedral. If you’ve read any of my vampire short stories, you know my vampires tend to live in the bell tower of the Cathedral.

We took a carriage ride around the French Quarter and then over to St Louis Cemetary #1, where we saw the tomb of the one and only MARIE LAVEAU!!! OMG!!!! It was a mind blowing experience for me. I worship the woman as many of you know. To be right there where she was buried was a spiritual experience to be sure. Not that her spirit is being particulary helpful in me finishing my book, but maybe I didn’t leave the right offering???

This brings us to Saturday. Saturday I attended a workshop put on by Radclyffe. It was all about Point of View. And during the presentation she pointed out one particular type of POV that you should never use for a romance novel. Well, guess what I immediately recognized as the POV I’m using for Escapades!!?!?!?!? Yep! GULP!

And then we got to the samples of writing each of us sent in for Rad to edit. She read over each one of them aloud and pointed out their shortcomings. Guess who’s sample was COVERED in red ink? Yep, yours truly! The surgeon had sliced and diced my bit to bits!

So, my writing ego is quite bruised. Although it really was a leanring experience. I mean that. I learned a whole heckuvalot from the master. But I find myself second guessing every word I write! I need to take what I’ve learned and apply it as I write rather than doubt as I go.

OK, so I feel better now. We’ve identified the problem and clearly it’s not simpy lack of ability on my part. :c) Rationalizing is such a good thing. I think I’m ready to move past the blockers and get this written now.

Thanks for helping me work through this!




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Art imitating life?

Not so much… Well, maybe a little…

A question I get asked a lot these days is, “Are you Tulley?” If you haven’t read my latest book, “Initiation By Desire,” You might not understand the question. Still, don’t give up reading. You might enjoy the blog anyway 🙂

“Initiation By Desire” tells the story of Tulley, a nineteen year old baby butch who joins a sorority, partially to please her mother and partially to try to meet people. As the story opens, she has no idea she’s a lesbian. The book really is a story of coming out and coming together. Tulley falls in love with Sue, the Resident Adviser for the house, who is a story unto herself! She’s a wild woman who has been burned once and spends her time hopping from bed to bed in an effort to avoid any sort of commitment.

So people have asked me a lot lately if I’m Tulley. And, while I may have been a clueless nineteen year old baby butch living in a sorority house, I didn’t have any brilliant realizations that year and didn’t come out for a long time after that.

However, there may be more to the story that mimics my experience than simply the clueless baby butch bit.

Tulley goes to school at a small University in an agricultural area of Northern California. So did I. And yeah, there werea lot of similarities between the two towns. The town itself was much more liberal than the surrounding ag community. And, like Sean told Tulley, if you stayed in the college area of town, you were likely to be treated much nicer than if you strayed too far.

What about The Asylum? How real was that? Again – if you haven’t read the book, The Asylum is a bar, owned by an old member of a fraternity and it was THE place for greeks (especially underaged ones) to hang out. Based on real life? You’d better believe it! The Asylum is based The Oasis Bar and Grill, which, at the time I went there, was Chico’s oldest college beer joint.

What about the other people in the book? Well, Danielle represented probably 85% of the women I knew in the Greek System. And Sean? Well, he was loosely based on a friend of mine named John. That’s all I’ll say about him.

The fact is, authors have to put some of themselves into everything they write. It’s what makes their books theirs. It’s what makes their writing unique. It’s not just style and storyline, it’s life and experience that flows through us into the pages.

So, circling back to the question   – am I Tulley? Do I have short dark hair? Sure. Do I wear “wifebeaters”? You betcha. Am I nineteen? LMAO! Not so much! Was I once upon a time? Of course, and yes, much of Tulley’s experiences are based on some of what I went through back in the day. Although, I reiterate once again – I didn’t come out while in the sorority house… Man… if only I had… think of how much fun THAT could have been!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

I’d love to hear from readers and writers alike. Readers – do you like to think authors model characters after themselves or people they know? Writers – how much of you do you put into your characters? Is there any one book or character or location that is based more on reality than others?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. And, if you’ve read Initiation By Desire, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you haven’t read it, maybe you’ll be more inclined to do so now?



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Interviewing the Interviewer

Is there anybody out there who hasn’t watched one of Carsen Taite’s Vlogs? And don’t you love when she interviews authors? Well, have you ever wished someone would interview her? Wouldn’t you love to know her a little better? Well, here’s your chance! I had a little chit chat with Carsen recently. Here is our little Q & A:

When did you start writing?

Yesterday. Seriously, it feels like it was only yesterday. Actually, I’ve been writing in some form or another most of my life, but I started seriously writing a novel in 2007. That year I resolved to write a novel in a year. I wrote and sent it off it off to Bold Strokes Books in the beginning of 2008. I’m working on novel number seven now.

Compare Lawyering (How can they tell me that’s not a real word? LOL) with writing and Carsen the writer and Carsen the Attorney.

Lawyering is definitely a real word. There’s lots of similarities between lawyering and writing fiction. Both professions require a lot of creativity, troubleshooting, and figuring out the best way to make a statement. Writing is definitely a more solitary pursuit, but when coupled with the opportunities to meet with readers and other writers, I’d have to say it’s my favorite.

Favorite toy from childhood.

I wore the fur off my teddy bear.

Favorite toy now (You don’t have to answer… LOL)

I refuse to answer on the grounds that… well, you get the point.

Favorite book you ever read and why?

I’ve read so many good books, but forced to choose a favorite, I pick The Intersection Between Law and Desire, by J.M. Redmann. This book handles a harsh subject matter and it’s done in a way that’s both sensitive but doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff. Besides, Redmann is one of my favorite authors.

Favorite character you ever read and why?

Private investigator Micky Knight, from J.M. Redmann’s mysteries. She’s tough as nails, but full of sensitivity. She has a complex past, but simple needs. You want to hug her and throttle her, both at the same time. She’s the perfect balance.

Favorite book you wrote and why?

It Should be a Crime because it was the first time I let Carsen the writer and Carsen the lawyer work together on a project and I’m proud of how it turned out.

Favorite character you wrote and why?

I like the rogues, so I’m going to pick Jordan from Skye from It Should be a Crime and The Best Defense runs a close second. It’s fun to watch the players fall in love.

Would you ever venture into erotica or spec fic or paranormal? Why or why not?

Sure, if I had a good story idea that fit into one of those genres, I’d be willing to give it a go. I’m working on a horror story now for an upcoming anthology – kind of a Hitchcockian tale.

Most romantic thing you’ve ever done?

Lainey says that bringing her coffee in bed tops the list.

Most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for you?

Tell me to follow my dreams, no matter how much it might disrupt the status quo, and stand beside me every step of the way. Thanks, Lainey.

Summer or winter?

Summer. I’d rather take clothes off than put them on.

Beach or mountain?

Love them both, but I’d probably have to choose mountain. I like the perspective up there.

Morning or night?

I peak at mid-day, so I guess that means neither J

What is a goal you’ve set for yourself that you’ve yet to accomplish?

I can think of lots. Run a 5K, learn to play the guitar, become a gourmet chef, write as many books as Radclyffe. I better live a long time.


Thank you Carsen for taking the time for this interview. I (and I’m sure many others) appreciate a little insight into who you are.


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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sex frustrates me!

 And no, I”m not talking about the lack of it in my personal life here. I’m talking WRITING sex! Why is it so difficult for me? I’ve done it before – well, written it as well as…oh never mind – so why is it that when it comes to doing it again, I get… tongue tied, as it were? My fingers don’t work the way they’re supposed to…  yes, people, I’m still talking about writing the scene here…

The first seven thousand words or so of the new book (Working title: The Episode) fairly flew out of my fingertips. My keyboard was smokin from the speed with which I typed. But now I’m in a chapter where there will be sex (I know – late in the book for me, but that’s just how this one rolls) and all writing has stopped.

Just a blank page stares at me when I log on. A few words get written, then deleted, then there I sit again.

Why, oh why, can’t I write sex scenes? I can write kissing scenes.

And I can write teasing scenes.Here’s a little example from the current work-in-progress:

“What? Oh yeah, the thing. Um, the alphabetizer. That’s what I’m looking for.”

“Oh!” Amber laughed. “Sure, I know where one is.”

She opened a cabinet at the far end of the room. Shilo leaned against the table and admired how Amber’s faded jeans clung to her tight ass. She felt her clit grow, pressing into the seam of her own jeans as she thought how nice it would be to lock the supply room door and peel those jeans off Amber.

Amber turned and put her hands on her hips. Shilo knew she’d been busted. She grinned, but said nothing.

“I need your help,” Amber said.

Shilo pushed away from the table.

“What do you need?”

“I’m not tall enough to reach it. It’s on the second shelf from the top.”

Shilo walked up next to her. Amber came to Shilo’s chin. She’s never realized just how short she was.

“You’re short.”

“I’m vertically challenged.”

Shilo reached up and easily grabbed the alphabetizer.

“Thanks a lot for your help.”

“No problem.” She turned toward the door, then stopped and looked back at Shilo. “And next time? Don’t look at me like that unless you mean it.”

But the actual sex scenes? They throw me for a loop. Every time.

I’ve had over 25 short stories published, mostly erotica. I’ve had two novels published in the Heat Stroke brand of BSB, due to their, well, heat content. Lots of sex. The were erotic novels.

So, why can’t I write sex?

I usually blame it on the fact that it’s hard to write because I want it to be original, not like every other sex scene you’ve read, including ones I’ve written. And that’s true. My greatest fear is to have someone say, “Oh, jeez. MJ Williamz’ sex scenes are all the same.” I’d be devastated! So I know that’s not the only reason. There have to be more.

Do I think about sex?Maybe once or twice… a minute!!!

Seriously – I can see the characters going at it. I can feel the intensity of their actions and reactions. And that’s another issue I think I have with writing sex. I worry it’ll come across mechanical. I don’t want it to be all:

“See Jane lick.”

“Hear Sally gasp.”

Ya know? I want the readers to experience every lick and suck and nibble. I want the readers to identify with at least one, preferably both characters. But I want them to experience more than just the tactile sensations. I want them to feel what the women are feeling inside, too (As in their emotions, dirty minded people).

But you know what I’m saying, right? And that’s hard. I don’t like them to feel flat.

And then there’s the appropriate-to-the-moment factor. I’ve already said I don’t want to repeat them, but each scene has to be appropriate to what’s going on in the book. If the two are at a theater and one is quietly stroking the other one, a fisting scene wouldn’t exactly be appropriate, right? And if a character is shy and timid, it might not be right, either. It has to be right for the scene and the characters.

So, those are a few of my theories. Whatever the reason I have a heck of a time writing sex scenes. I thought I was over it with Forbidden passions, but not so. Not so, at all.

At least, when faced with writing a sex scene, I write – what? Two blogs so far for this one sex scene? LOL So maybe the block is good for something.

Anyone have any input? Any theories on why I have such a hard time with these? Any ideas on how to overcome them? Any feedback? Comments? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

OK, It’s time to post this blog and – I dunno – maybe go write the dagblasted sex scene!?!?!?


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To Resolve or Not Resolve…

Hmmm…. it’s that time of year again…

Time for that age-old tradition of making those promises to ourselves that we promise to break – New Year’s Resolutions

So, what should mine be?

Less Mania?

More Money?

Resolutions set you up to be a failure every year. Who’s idea was it to make those things anyway? Probably my parents – still trying to prove to me I’ll fail at everything I try. (Actually, it is widely believed that the Babylonians were the first to make New Year’s resolutions, and people all over the world have been breaking them ever since. The early Christians believed the first day of the new year should be spent reflecting on past mistakes and resolving to improve oneself in the new year.)

Who really keeps their New Year’s Resolutions? I found this on Wikipedia (so it must be the Gospel) “Recent research shows that while 52% of participants in a resolution study were confident of success with their goals, only 12% actually achieved their goals. A separate study in 2007 by Richard Wisemen from the University of Bristol showed that 78% of those who set New Year resolutions fail.”

Would I like to give more money to charity? Sure. Can I pay my bills now? Barely.
Do I need to lose weight? Have you SEEN me? LOL
Do I need to spend more time at the gym? Sure – and I plan to. I mean – I see some distinct advantages to that.

But seriously, people sit down this time every year and make a list of things they say they’re going to do. Ease up on drinking. Stop smoking.  Lose weight. Work harder. Spend more time with their families. (And yeah – sometimes it’s the same people listing both of those…. DUH!) Finally landscape the yard. Write a novel. OK, OK… so now, we’re talking.

Yeah – I can get behind that last one… but then does that count as a New Year’s Resolution? What exactly does? Writing books is something I should do anyway, right? Just like losing weight, working out, etc. I plan to have at least two novels completed by the end of 2012. I don’t consider that a resolution. I consider that like saying, “My New Year’s resolution is to go to work everyday.” It’s what I do. (And yes – I give thanks to all powers that be for both my jobs AND my awesome publisher who lets me make money writing!)

Now where was I?

Oh yeah – more focus – that’s a good one. But that will depend on aforementioned mania and/or depression.

So, here I am, at the tail end of another year. And 2011 was not a good one. It’s ok to admit that right? So does making 2012 a better year count as a resolution?

What about selling lots of copies of “Initiation by Desire” that is out in January? Is that a resolution?

Again – where was I?

So, here I am, oh yeah… I said that already… sitting at my computer as a new year looms, asking myself whether or not I should make any New Year’s Resolutions.

And, while not normally one to go along with the crowd, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and make a couple. Yes – literally two.

In the year 2012, I promise to laugh more and love more.

I figure if I can do those two things, everything else will fall into place.

Thank you again for all your support in years gone by and here’s to many more years together.

Happy New Year!


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OK, so maybe it doesn’t need to be cosmic, but I really need to come up with some sort of conflict and I need to do it soon… I don’t mean the day-to-day conflict… like “Do I eat the last doughnut? If I do, that’ll be a dozen in one day and that’s not cool… but if I don’t, it might get stale….” Or work conflict, “Why should I do what my boss tells me to do? When was the last time he did what I told him to do??”

No, I’m talking the kind of conflict that can drive a wedge between an otherwise gloriously happy lesbian couple. The notorious playboi and successful businesswoman finally get it together. Life is cruising along nicely. The sex is fantastic (of course…), their time together cherished. But something has to happen… something has to drive them apart so they can get back together. Y’all know the drill.

Have I crafted too happy of a couple? No… they’re a good couple, but they have their differences. The trick here is to create a realistic enough rift between them that won’t make either party look like a complete douchebag. Therein lies the rub.

You, as readers, have to want them to get back together. You can’t side with one and think, “She’s an asshole. Let her go.” That just won’t do. So how to craft a conflict that’s believable, that can’t be resolved with a simple exchange of words, and that doesn’t make you hate a character… this is today’s goal.

There’s the dreaded infidelity, but seriously, who roots for them to get back together after that?

One of them is pregnant. It seems like this should be a catalyst for conflict. She was pregnant before they met and as the pregnancy progresses, maybe the playboi gets cold feet? Or maybe freaks out over some of the changes in her partner’s body? But are these reactions things that would make you hate her? Or could you see her point? I know a lot of it is in how it’s written.

Or maybe something happens that makes the pregnant one miss her dead partner, whom she was originally going to have the baby with. And she feels guilty about moving on so soon?

Or… or… or…

So, while I’ve spent the rest of my life as a true middle child and avoided conflict at all cost, today I’m in search of.

As usual, comments, suggestions, or the like welcome :c)


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How far is too far?

Let’s talk about sex —- again!  Recently, we discussed whether or not a book could have too much sex in it. So today we’re going to talk about how far a book can move away from the usual vanilla, fingers and tongues in the usual orifices sex, and still be within your comfort level. In other words, how far out of the norm can they go before you close the book and say, “Nuh-uh. Not for me.”?

I’m not talking whips and chains or anything too out there. I would just like to know from you when sex changes from hot to not cool. Conversely, do you find that sex in general in lesbian literature is too vanilla? Would you like to see more kink? And if so, what kind? I’d really like to have an open discussion, although I realize this is kind of a personal topic, so if you don’t want to reply, that’s cool. If you do have thoughts or opinions and  don’t mind sharing them, I’d love to hear from you. As usual, I’d like to hear from readers and authors. Authors – do you ever step out of your comfort zone when writing sex scenes? This could be a fun discussion if anybody’s not too shy to post!

I’m including some scenes from recent books of mine… One from Forbidden Passions, two from Initiation by Desire and one from a current work. I’d like to know which is your favorite, please. WARNING don’t read any further if you’re not into hot sex or are easily offended by language.

One example:

Corrine drove four fingers inside the hot cunt and twisted them around before taking them out again. Once more, she pushed into her and left them in, thrusting harder and harder with each stroke.

Corrine slid her wet hand out and moved between Catherine’s legs.

“Hold your knees back.”

Catherine grabbed her knees and pulled them back. Corrine slipped her whole hand inside the gaping cunt. She made a fist and inserted it deep inside Catherine.

“Oh, fuck! That feels good!”

She buried her arm past her wrist and twisted it again. The tight walls were pressing in on her, crushing her hand, but she knew the pressure she was giving was much stronger. She continued to gently punch Catherine’s internal pleasure zone over and over until her juices were running down her arm.

Another example:

Sue Dobson strained against the black silk scarves that bound her to the bedposts. Her head thrashed wildly on the steel gray pillow as her hips rose to greet each thrust of the nine-inch latex cock being drilled into her.

Another example:

She fastened nipple clamps on Sue then placed the chain that ran between them in her mouth. As Nema’s mouth worked its magic on Sue’s cunt and Sue’s head thrashed as she closed in on her orgasm, the chain tightened the clamps, sending white heat of painful pleasure to her core.

Last example:

Joey just smiled and unwrapped a toy from its cloth confines. It was thick and black and phallic shaped with a thinner, beaded protrusion as well. She flipped open the lube and poured generous amounts on it.

She placed the tip of the toy against Tiffany’s clit and rubbed.

“Oh my God that feels good.” Tiffany tried to arch her hips to get more pressure.

Joey moved the toy lower and placed the large tip just inside Tiffany. She slowly pressed onward it until it filled her.

“How big is that?” Tiffany asked.

“You tell me.”

“It feels huge.”

“Do you need more?”

“Not at the moment.”

Joey withdrew the toy until just the tip was inside, then pushed it to its base again. She was dripping watching Tiffany’s cunt swallow the oversized dildo. She withdrew the whole toy, then poured more lube on the beaded area.

“Why’d you stop?”

Joey didn’t answer as she lined up the toy and buried the dildo again while slowly penetrating her other hole.

“Holy fuck!” Tiffany exclaimed. “Oh yes, Joey. Fuck me harder. Give me more. Please?”

Joey slid both parts in slowly until neither was visible. She pulled them out slowly and moved them back inside.

Thanks for playing!


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