11 Mar

Bad days. Life’s challenges. The job sucks. The kid’s a pain. We all have these days. And we all think we’ve got it bad at some point in time.

I’ve been dealing with financial woes, as many people know. I’ve been working two jobs and still dealing with credit issues. My son, gawd love him, is challenging at times. He’s nineteen and dropped out of high school last year. He went back this year and still frustrates the heck out of me when he doesn’t get his homework turned in.

Then there’s my mother. OY! Don’t even get me started on my relationship/lack thereof with her. And yeah, I hate one job where the boss totally despises me (homophobe, anyone?) I wanna lose weight, don’t likeĀ  being bi-polar, blah, blah, blah

But all of that is nothing, I mean NOTHING compared to what the people of Japan are dealing with. I can’t begin to imagine an 8.9 earthquake, much less the resulting tsunami. Can you possibly fathom what the people there are going through? The complete destruction and loss of life and property is incomprehensible to me.

So today I’m sending thoughts, prayers, and positive energy to all those affected by this horrible occurrence. And I’m thanking any and all deities who’ll listen for the blessings I have in my life and I’ll continue to send thoughts and love to all my friends and families and wish them health and happiness for today and always.

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Posted by on March 11, 2011 in Random


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