That Darned 9 to 5

02 Mar

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I get that I need to have a day job in order to pay some of the bills I have, but do you have any idea how it interferes with my writing?

So my schedule goes something like:

7:00 Wake up and try to get my son up. Shower and do some chores.

7:45 FINALLY get the boy out of bed and into the shower (yes – he’s 19)


8:30 Leave the house to take my son to school and get me to work.

9:00 (ish) arrive at work

10:00 start researching the book on company time LOL. I’ve spent much of today looking up other names for one of my MC’s. I just wasn’t feelin her name. And I can’t find any mention of it during the Civil War days, so I decided to change it. I think her new name is Addie.

5:30 go home

6:00 Get dinner started, then start second job.

9:00 wrap up second job and write.

So you can see how my day job really interferes with my writing. I wrote around 6,000 words over the weekend on short stories and the novel. I’ve written maybe 1,000 over the past two days. So if anybody has a spare lottery ticket laying around, feel free to pass it along, preferably if it’s a winner! LOL



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