Campus Capers

20 Feb


I glanced up from loading my briefcase to see her standing in the hall. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen her there. She waited for one of the young men in my class every Tuesday and Thursday. I assumed he was her boyfriend, but I didn’t try too hard to find out. My students’ lives outside of the classroom were of no concern to me. Just as my life outside the university was none of their business.

Still, no matter how many times I saw her, she still took my breath away. That particular afternoon, her shapely tan legs made their way up to a very short miniskirt. My eyes covered every exposed inch. Some shiny object dangled from her navel, which was equally as tan and tight as her legs. Moving up from her midriff, my gaze landed on firm, round breasts pressed tightly under the cotton of her blouse. I felt my knees go weak from the sight of her.

Sensing she was watching me, I looked up to see her smile faintly at me. Damn it! The last thing I needed was to be caught checking out some coed. I slammed my briefcase shut and stormed out of the classroom, painfully careful not to establish contact with her as I squeezed past.

It was Thursday afternoon and a cold beer far away from campus was calling my name. I love spring in the central valley of Northern California. Ninety-degree temperatures in early April might discourage some people, but it’s just right as far as I’m concerned. Besides the fact that it’s perfect motorcycle weather, it also means scantily clad, tanned coeds walking lazily through town. Riding my Harley with the mask of my helmet down, I’m able to enjoy the sights without being caught.

I didn’t take the time I usually do to enjoy the human scenery as I rode. For the first few minutes, I found myself looking at every blonde I saw, wondering if she was the girl from the hall. Telling myself that I was out of control, I forced my attention back to the road and getting home to that cold beer.

The seven-mile ride on my vibrating bike did nothing to quell the hormonal surge I’d been feeling. My partner’s car was in the driveway when I got there. I’d forgotten she’d taken the afternoon off.


Posted by on February 20, 2011 in Writing


2 responses to “Campus Capers

  1. Kara

    February 20, 2011 at 20:04

    MMMM, I love it! This one wasn’t as hot as the other two parts you just wrote but still very good and you can imagine what is going to happen with the partner once she gets inside the house! YUM!

    • mjwilliamz

      February 20, 2011 at 20:06

      Thanks Kara! I’m glad you enjoyed ;c)


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