Campus Capers – the end

20 Feb

Office hours were just about over. I was filing miscellaneous papers, preparing to go home when I heard my office door close. I turned around and saw the blonde standing there, on the other side of my desk, a few feet away from me. Words escaped me as I stood, my pulse racing, my hormones in overdrive, my gaze locked on hers, seeing desire burning there.

“I’ve seen you look at me,” she said quietly, an almost innocent ring to her words.

“I don’t know what you mean,” I said, turning back to the filing cabinet.

“It’s okay,” she said, making her way around the desk. She placed her hand on my shoulder and I jumped, the heat from her touch searing me. I turned to look at her, determined to tell her that it wasn’t okay, that she needed to leave.

Her arms went around my neck. Her young, tight body pressed against me as she murmured, “I like the way you look at me.”

My arms stayed at my side as my mind raged in argument with my libido. This girl was scorching hot, and I had fantasized about her so many times. And she was here, in my office, offering herself to me. I’d be a fool not to take her. This girl was also a student and I could get fired, I countered. But she wasn’t my student, I rationalized.

Apparently undeterred by my lack of involvement, she took my hands and placed them under her microskirt on her bare, perfectly rounded ass.

With a mind of their own, my hands squeezed and kneaded her supple flesh. They slid lower and traced the length between her shapely cheeks. I groaned, partially from the agony of knowing I was about to do something I shouldn’t and partially from the carnal desire that ran through the very center of my being.

Her arms were back around my neck, pulling my mouth down to hers. This time, she met no resistance as I greedily took her mouth with mine.

Her lips were soft, as I knew they would be. As I’d fantasized they were so many times. I’d fought this desire all semester, since the first time I’d seen her. It felt so good to finally to give in. Her mouth opened slightly, enough to allow my tongue restricted access. My tongue prodded and licked, but still, she wouldn’t part her lips farther for me.

I started to pull away, but she stopped me. Holding my head, she opened her mouth, forcing her tongue into my mouth with raw passion. Together our tongues danced over each other, tasting, exploring, fueling the fire that was already burning out of control.

Overcome with the need to have her, I moved my hands up her back, pressing her breasts into mine, reveling in the feel of her body against me. My hands slid around to the front and closed over her small, firm breasts. I felt her nipples harden. I lightly ran my thumbs over them through the thin cotton of her tank top. It was her turn to pull away from me then as she took off her shirt and threw it on my desk. She took my head back in her hands and guided my mouth to a rigid nipple.

My arms went back around her as I took her nipple and part of her small breast into my mouth. Her hands released my face and unzipped her skirt. She stepped out of it, leaving herself naked and vulnerable for my pleasures.

She took my hand and guided it downward to cup her mons, smooth and hairless. I gasped at the feel of her soft, shaved area and pressed my palm into it, allowing my fingers to glide over her swollen clit. It was she who gasped then and tried to push my head lower.

My mouth relinquished its hold on her nipple, as my hand moved away from the wet warmth where her legs met. I put my hands on her shoulders and gently sat her in my chair. Kneeling in front of her, I spread her legs wide and laid her knees over my shoulders. Her arousal was apparent in the musky aroma that teased my nose, not to mention her swollen clit and protruding lips. I sucked her lips frantically, as if they contained the very nourishment I needed to survive.

As I pulled her lips with mine, my tongue teased between them, sampling the dew that had formed just for me. At first, I ran my tongue back and forth along her opening, the tip barely inside. Her cunt was dripping and tasted so sweet that my will to tease faltered. I couldn’t keep my tongue out of her any longer. I plunged deep inside her, licking everywhere, owning her pussy, striving to increase that wetness and enjoy every drop.

Her hand on the back of my head told me I was giving her as much pleasure as she was giving me. I moved my hand up her smooth inner thigh and slid one finger inside to join my tongue. Next, another finger slid in while my mouth moved higher to take in her hardened clit. I sucked it between my teeth while the tip of my tongue flicked over it, keeping time with my fingers moving in and out of her.

I pressed my face farther into her, and she began gyrating her hips faster against me. I could hear her breathing getting shorter, could feel her gasping for air. She began panting.

My fingers and mouth switched positions, my fingers rubbing her clit feverishly, urging her closer and closer to the edge while my tongue lapped at the inside satin of her pussy.

Her grip on my head tightened and her body suddenly froze as she toppled over the precipice and soared freely into her orgasm. I felt her whole body shudder as she came, and the very core of her being spasmed around my tongue, clenching it tightly.

Her juices were plentiful and my mouth devoured them greedily. I couldn’t believe the amount of liquid running into my mouth, down my face, even dripping off my chin. My tongue worked madly to catch it all.

“Wow. That was some kiss.”

I awoke with a start to see Bethany’s mouth just inches from mine, as she dripped pool water all over my face. It took me a moment to become fully awake and realize what had just happened. I grinned at her then and said, “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Shedding my clothes, I laid my naked body on top of hers by the pool and kissed her hungrily, while my hand worked its way down her body to the secret paradise between her legs. As my mouth began to follow the trail my hand made, I realized that at least part of my dream was about to come true.



Posted by on February 20, 2011 in Writing


2 responses to “Campus Capers – the end

  1. Kara

    February 20, 2011 at 20:22

    I absolutely love this part the best! I know I was harsh about the 2nd part and it was just setting this up…but I love how you do a dream sequence and then you know she is going to have it for real also with her partner…that is SO HOT! Thanks for the story hon!

    • mjwilliamz

      February 22, 2011 at 14:36

      Oh yeah – I really don’t write infidelity much. It’s not cool


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