The Sweetest Seduction

17 Feb

What is it about woman-on-woman sex that is so undeniably hot? OK, OK… that’s obvious. How about – what makes good erotica? What separates, hot, sheet-drenching stories from a nice story to pass the time?

I don’t know that I have the answer for that, but as the author of plenty of published erotica short stories and now one soon-to-be published erotic novel, I know what I try to do with a story to make you want to read it and enjoy it over and over. And hopefully read it to your bedmate for a little mood-setting.

What we want in a good erotic story is to be able to feel everything the characters are feeling, both physically and emotionally. We want to experience the act with them. We want to smell the skin of the lovers, feel their breath on every inch of us. We want to taste their lips and feel their tongue.

We want to lose ourselves in the story as the characters lose themselves in their lovemaking. We also want to feel the connection between them. We want to experience their coming together, in body and spirit. But even before that, there is a need for the build up, the anticipation that makes the act so much more intense.

And then there’s the moment – that moment when the characters can’t take any more and have to let go and leave their bodies and minds and float on that cloud of pleasure. If the story is well written, we will soar with them, finally having built ourselves up to the point that we join them in their release.

If that happens, then the author can say they have truly written good erotica.

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Posted by on February 17, 2011 in Writing


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